Tips On How To Save On Your Monthly Heating Bills

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With the Holidays around the corner, many homeowners in Collin County will feel the “crunch” of spending. The expenses can range from gifts for loved ones, travel, hosting Holiday parties, decorating the house, and a range of other expenses usually not incurred during the rest of the calendar year. One way to free up some extra cash in your budget this Holiday season is to help you save money on your heating bills, while not having to notice a single degree of difference in your home’s temperature.

Here are a few ideas on how to help accomplish this:

1) If you notice any problems with weather-stripping around your windows, doors and other areas exposed to the outside then consider replacing it. When a home is not efficient in retaining its heat, the phrase is called “heat loss”. Poor, or nonexistent, weather-stripping can cause as much as 10% of your home’s heat loss. By replacing the weather-stripping, this inexpensive action can help your home retain its heat and, therefore, cut some of your heating bill.

2) Talk with your electricity company as exterior electric boxes can have air leaks. There are specific, yet low-cost, fixes you can perform. These will help to reduce heat loss as well and add a small amount to your monthly heating bill savings. Also check around areas where television cable and other utilities may be entering your home and be causing drafts.

3) When you leave home for work and will be gone for more than 6 hours a day, program your thermostat to turn down and then to heat back up 20 minutes or so before you arrive home. This will save you money/and stop wasted energy use that you are not benefiting from because you are not home to enjoy it. Why pay for something that you are not using for 6 or more hours a day?

4) Make sure that you have proper insulation in all respective areas.  If you are missing insulation or have inadequate amounts, you may wish to make the investment. By doing so, it is possible to recoup your investment in as little as a year and then reap the savings in subsequent years.

5) Consider reducing the temperature of your water heater by up to 5 degrees. This may not cause any difference in the temperature you notice in the shower or washing dishes; but it can help you add to your monthly heating bill savings.

There are several other ways to reduce your heating bill this winter.  Please contact us with your questions and if you would like a tune-up for your furnace. Should these tips be of interest to your friends and family then you are welcome to share this post with them.

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